Course Description

This course will teach you the steps to successfully giving and receiving feedback, accross cultures and hierachies.

Founder & Trainer Futureteaming

Huibert Evekink

After growing up in Norway, The Netherlands and Singapore, Huibert studied Business Law and History at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. For 20 years he managed various Sales, Marketing and Human Resource teams for global companies, including Philips, Amadeus and Wyndham Worldwide. Today he is CEO of Futureteaming, a start-up focused on improving performance in teams.As a follower and a leader he has seen fear stop colleagues from challenging each other. He has also experienced an air of superiority stop managers from listening. The short-term effect of these behaviours is not as deadly as in aviation or healthcare, but in the long run it will bring down any organisation. Therefore, as head of culture and engagement for a global IT company, he developed a unique feedback programme to train team members and their leaders to give and receive feedback effectively. It took time and dedication, but engagement and performance improved dramatically.The INSEAD Business School in France gave him an opportunity to combine practical experience with the theory of human behaviour and the—often hidden—dynamics of organisations. The Consulting and Coaching for Change Masters programme (CCC) integrates business education with a range of psychological disciplines. His thesis research on battling isolation in virtual teams concluded that regular feedback—preferably face to face—is key to personal wellbeing and high performance. During his work as a ski guide/mountaineer he experienced first-hand how good communication can also mean the difference between success and disaster in harsh alpine environments. A good technical instructor will lead the way and hopefully keep you safe. A great guide will do the same AND give you feedback to make you a better skier and mountaineer. Much like his business partner and co-author Steven Becker piloting an aluminium tube at 30,000 feet, the best guides combine technical and non-technical skills to safely manage—and learn from—complex situations.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Futureteaming Feedback Academy

    • Intro Video

    • How a Culture of Silence Eats Away at Your Company (Harvard Business Review)

    • CLEAR+CALM Model Knowledge

    • What do you think?

  • 2

    The Barriers to Feedback

    • Barriers Feedback Introduction

    • Dynamics of Feedback Knowledge

    • Test Yourself!

  • 3

    Giving Feedback: BE CLEAR

    • Intro Video

    • CLEAR Knowedge

    • CLEAR Video

    • Test Yourself!

  • 4

    Receiving Feedback: STAY CALM

    • Intro Video

    • CALM Knowledge

    • CALM Video

    • Test Yourself!

  • 5

    Positive Feedback

    • Intro Video

    • Positive Feedback

    • Test your skills

  • 6

    Performance Reviews and Feedback Apps

    • Intro Video

    • Future of Feedback

    • Rules for Online Feedback

    • Test Yourself!